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Sport good returns with Nike

Investasi dari: 9.500 USD

Tanggal Habis Berlaku: 19/07/2019

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Company description:
The globally recognised, publically traded company Nike develops, creates and supplies the market with sporting footwear, clothing, accessories and sporting equipment to consumers around the globe. The corporation is actively expanding its production via retail chains, its own stores, daughter companies and distributers the world over. The company’s revenue diversification by country: North America – 45.5%, Western Europe – 18.1%, China – 11.7%, other emerging markets – 11.4%, Central and Eastern Europe – 4.4%, Japan – 2.7%, other countries – 6.2%. The largest company shareholders include; Blackrock (5.94%), Bank of New York Mellon (2.29%), Wellington Management Group (2.05%), Bank of America (1.31%), Morgan Stanley (1.28%).

Growth factors

  • The company’s current partnership with market leaders in technology (i.e. Apple) and its development of new innovative products will aid growth in the company’s share price.
  • An aggressive marketing campaign to promote its products will further stimulate demand (the company actively involves itself in charitable events and sponsors many sporting events).
  • Successful realisation of its long-term growth strategy and continued business growth: revenue growth for the past six months has risen 6.8% (YoY).
  • Continued high marginality: the ratio of net profit to revenue last year was 11.6%. Return on equity is 30.12%. Return on assets is 17.49%.
  • Stable growth in its FCF and cash flows from operational activities.
  • Low debt level: aggregate debt in relation to assets is just 9.6%; aggregate debt in relation to EBITDA is a low 0.4 and net debt in relation to EBITDA is negative at -0.59 due to the company’s decent liquidity reserve.
  • The company is trading with a discount (undervalued) in relation to its analogues:
    • P/E discount is 17%.
    • EV/EBIT discount is 6%.

Investasi berakhir pada:

Perkiraan pendapatan dihitung apabila tingkat perlindungan modal yang ditetapkan sebesar 95% dan harga dari aset dasar pada saat jatuh tempo sama dengan 125 USD.

Analisis teknikal:

Nike’s share price has broken upwards through the 50-day moving average and is preparing to leave the Ichimoku cloud upwards. The share price movements are continuing to remain in a long-term upward trend. The significant technical levels are 51.87, 54.98, 58.73, 62.87 and 66.71.


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